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Although not much is known about Johannes Gutenberg, there are a few interesting facts surrounding his life:

During the 15th century Germans took their surname from the place where they lived, but Gutenberg’s father never used Gutenberg as a surname during his lifetime.

No one knows exactly when Gutenberg was born, but in 1890 Mainz city officials just decided that the turn of the century would be a good time to celebrate the five-hundredth anniversary of his birth.

We do not know if Gutenberg was ever married and there are no surviving portraits of him painted during his lifetime. All paintings were painted from memories.

Like many inventors, Gutenberg did not receive much credit for his work and he died partially blind and very poor.

Most historical information comes from financial records associated with the various lawsuits he was involved in.

When the first Vulgate was printed in early 1456, Gutenberg was no longer in partnership with Fust.

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