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Gutenberg Bible - University of Texas
Whilst in Strasbourg, Gutenberg was secretly inventing the printing press, which was a combination of 2 known technologies - the screw press & the steel punch. However, in 1448 he moved back to Mainz.

In order to buy the equipment he needed, he borrowed eight hundred guilder from Johann Fust a rich financier. In December 1452 Gutenberg was unable to pay Fust so they negotiated a new deal in which Fust became a partner in Gutenberg’s business. It is apparent that the cost of running the business grew to be greater than their sale earnings. During this time, it is thought that Gutenberg printed indulgences for the church, however none have survived.

During this time, the Gutenberg Bible was printed.

By 1455, Fust decided to sue Gutenberg, because he wanted quicker profit than Gutenberg, who was more focussed on perfecting his process. Fust eventually gained control over Gutenberg’s business and continued to work with many of his craftsmen, including Peter Schöffer.

Gutenberg then had to start all over again, so he moved back to Mainz to borrow money and continue his invention of the printing press.

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